LV3 Test Flight Meeting 2

August 12 2014

Forty-six days to go! We’ve authorized buying a fiberglass nose cone. We made progress on the oven controller, the rail buttons, and more scheduling with each other. See below the jump for details.

Things To Do

  1. Oven control: fixed thermocouple issues, estimate delivery on Thursday night.

  2. Motor: we’re still waiting on this pending weight measurements of finished rocket. We plan to buy the 75mm to 98mm adapter. Threaded rod and bolt to hold it in place at the top of the motor.

  3. Tracking: The Eggfinder won’t go high enough so we’re going to borrow Wilson’s BRB900 and put it in the nose cone in lots of bubble wrap.

  4. Dual-deploy: no idea yet. Same as last week: Heavy mount point in the body of the rocket to mount it there. We need the ring made.
    • Buy drogue and main parachute
    • Do calculations for descent velocity
    • Figure out attachment of parachutes and cords
  5. Nose cone separation ring: Aug 30th due date

  6. Fin brackets: Sam and Rob will meet up to figure out all the things, will figure this out as well.

  7. Rail buttons: Jeremy made files, will give files to Sam.

  8. Nose cone: Wilson is authorized to buy the nose cone. Bonus: this eliminates Faraday cage issues with the RF stuff. We can put the BRB900 in the nose and not worry about having to drill holes in carbon fiber.