Dave Gets His L3 And The Power Goes Out

August 26 2014

We had a very short meeting this evening - the facilities people were testing the back up generators in FAB at 8pm so we left FAB before then just in case we got caught in a blackout. Some quick updates:


PSAS Launch 12 pushed to 2015

OROC expressed reservations about our launch date (it’s the same as their Sheridan event), and we’re probably not going to be ready for the proposed 9/28 launch of LV2.3 with roll control and JennerGPS. So we’re putting off this launch until Spring 2015. This gives us plenty of time to get things done, and lets us focus on software for the system by then, and even some new hardware.

LV3 airframe test launch at Rocketober?

We’re considering a launch of the carbon fiber airframe (“LV3”) at Oregon Rocketry’s “Rocketober” launch the weekend of October 17th. There’s A LOT to do on that airframe, so we don’t know if we’ll make it, but that’s currently the goal. The nice part about the LV3 launch is that it will require no heavey infrastructure - it’s essentially a simple L3 launch without all the electronics “stuff”. More new on this next week, hopefully.