Tuesday Meeting Notes

October 28 2014

Space news

In space news, the record for a high-altitude human parajump was beaten. Also, the Antares ISS resupply mission from Orbital Sciences exploded just over the launch pad.

General updates

Public relations: We gave an Intel presentation last Thursday (10/23) as a crowdfunding reward; it was supposed to go an hour, but it went 1:45, and was a big success. We showed up to the Portland Farmer’s Market and got a great reception. We also raised $75 cash!

Fundraising: The crowdfunding campaign is at $8,125, with four days left to go. It’s time to push through to the end so we can make our goal. We also created a video for corporate donors which is now on our YouTube channel and on a landing page at http://psas.pdx.edu/donate. For crowdfunding appeals, we should still use www.foundation.pdx.edu/crowdfunding/psas.

New Home: This Friday, the EPL is moving to their new room, and we can move into the old EPL.

Opportunities: Chris Hadfield at Powell’s, 11/7 ECE Grad Student lecture: Robust and Adaptive Control with Aerospace Applications, 10/31 at 2PM, in EB 103

Project Updates:

Senior Capstones: Capstones are gelling, with a surplus of students available. Students are excited about aerospace and we have our pick of students who want to participate in the PSAS capstones.

Liquid Motor Study Group: We’ve developed a curricula for learning more about LM design, which we’ll be starting on next week. Last week we did simulating to run the numbers and get estimates for motor size as a part of parameter analysis.

Launch Tower Computer: The hardware-specific Git repo (launch-tower) now has a real issue list, with a few issues migrated over from launch-tower-comm. Also, we’re planning an intro to the LTC hardware meeting 11/9.

Yuri’s Night: OMSI can’t run the event in April; we could, but we’d have to rent out the space. We could contact Oregon Space Grant about getting support.

GPS: Board needs to be fixed to be fully compatible with SPY.

Balloon: Working on getting a funding request in.