4 Capstones This Year

November 18 2014

We’re going to be running 4 capstone projects this year! First, a bunch of team updates:

Theo has made lots of improvements to our Flight Computer Framework (nicknamed elderberry). There is better c parsing, and continuous integration with travis-ci, code coverage, tests and more!

Over the weekend the new Launch Tower Computer team met to figure out how things work. More documentation is being written in order to inform and very carefully detail out what the new system should have.

Our liquid-motor research sub-group is on hiatus until after finals.


All of our mechanical engineering capstones have been accepted! This is by far the most capstones from a single department at once. We’ll be a running the following projects:

In addition we have an electrical engineering capstone designing a small, extensible data acquisition system that we plan to use on the motor test stand.

That’s 4 capstones all at once!