Posts about LV3.0

Our next-gen airframe.
  • Aug 12 LV3 Test Flight Meeting 2

    Forty-six days to go! We’ve authorized buying a fiberglass nose cone. We made progress on the oven controller, the rail buttons, and more scheduling with each other. See below the jump for details.

  • Aug 5 LV3 Test Flight Meeting 1

    PSAS had a mechanical engineering capstone team this past year that designed and built us most a new carbon fiber airframe for Launch Vehicle 3. Since PSAS is putting up the LV2.3 on Sunday, September 28th in Brothers, we gathered a pile of mechanical people to see if we could, in about fifty-five days, prepare the carbon fiber airframe for a test launch with minimal electronics on Saturday, September 27th.

    The short answer was yes, with teamwork and sufficient dollars.